Company Diesel Loko Distribution offers the following services:

  • Repair of Woodward speed governors (8367794, 8424078, …)
  • Overhaul of water and oil pumps
  • Overhaul of brushless oil and fuel pumps (40182032, 40094071, 84A215264P1, 40102948, 10659917, 8302492)
  • Regeneration of slack adjusters for locomotives
  • Repair of electrical and electronic components for locomotives EMD and GE
  • Regeneration of turbochargers SM42 locomotives, EMD and GE
  • Maintenance of air compressors WBO, WLN, WXE

Additionnaly, the company offers overhauls of:

  • radiator cooling fans
  • traction motors: D29, D37, D47, D57, D77, D78, D87, ASEA LJE108, LJH108
  • main and auxiliary generators: D12, D22, D32, AR6, AR10, AR11 and more.