Working with many railway carriers, we have been repeatedly informed about problems related to grease leakages from the traction motor gear cases in various types of locomotives. In order to meet these expectations together with Miller Ingenuity, of  whom we are the official representative for Europe, we have developed a new method of sealing the gear cases which completely eliminates the above-mentioned problem. At present, we have a ready-made solution for the M62 / TEM2 locomotives.

The system is based on the existing solutions in American locomotive bogies, used on these since the 1980s. In Poland, this system is used on the M62M locomotive, equipped with American traction motors mounted on a standard Soviet bogie of the M62 locomotive.

The new system consists of a set of completely new polyurethane seals designed to completely prevent lubricant grease leakage from the housing. The use of seals requires a slight modification of the traction motor gear case by increasing the diameter of the opening in the housing.